Environmental education in Indonesia


Explaining the necessity and benefits of conservation measurements to the local population at a ground level is a central activity of BOS.
As part of an environmental education programme BOS provides the local people with a conscious food and farming system which makes a decisive contribution to the future of the Indonesian rainforest. 


Only by being aware of the seriousness of the situation and the consequences for themselves are people willing and able to take action to make long-term changes. 


BOS employee teaching in an Indonesian classroom


With the confiscation of orangutans BOS members enter into dialogue with the local people about their approach. The younger generation too gets a fun and practical introduction to the topic.

BOS allows school classes from the region to visit the rehabilitation wards and talk with the  team.
Through direct contact, they learn how they and their families can help to improve the situation of the orangutans and the protection of its habitat. At the same time important facts about the topic are introduced to both teachers and students in a special curriculum using leaflets and children's books.

In the visitors centers Nyaru Menteng and Wanariset Samboja schools they can experience the projects in action.

In addition, BOS Foundation tries to raise awareness among the people of Indonesia for the topic through targeted media campaigns in the form of television and radio spots.